Cleaning service: private households

Everything for your comfort at home. Combine our cleaning service according to your sense of well-being.

Our services:
We offer you the usual maintenance cleaning. At longer intervals, we recommend an intensive thorough cleaning. We gladly take on your spring cleaning!

Even your windows are professionally cleaned by our staff and if you can not take care of your stairs or your plants, we will gladly help! We wash and iron laundry and cover your beds.

At your request, we use environmentally friendly cleaning agents with degradable surfactants and treat all materials environmentally friendly and economical. The highest possible hygiene is our top priority.

In case of any other wishes concerning your household, we are happy to discuss this with you and develop together with you, your very special well-being combination!

„Everything to make you feel comfortable with us“

Our advantages:

Our workers are all regularly employed and insured and receive wages that start at the minimum wage level. Your property and keys are insured.

They enjoy a 20% tax deductibility of our services (up to 4000 Euro per year). With our regular hourly wage for a cleaning force of 19.95 euros results for you a real price of 15.95 euros by §35aEStG. The price includes journey, 19% VAT and insurance.

Our cleaning staff are technically competent and motivated and reliable due to positive company policy and working conditions.

Always the same mikara-employees take care of your household concerns and organize i. a. representations on vacation and sick leave.

New employees are trained and tested by experienced specialists.

If we have aroused your interest! Call us, write us an email or fill out our contact form.

We're looking forward to work with you!

Your mikara team.

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